What Happens To Unused Asphalt Remnants?

Unlike hot asphalt that is wasted if not used or heated, Road Rescue cold asphalt mix can be stored for up to two years.

How Long After Repairs Will The Road Remain Closed For?

With Road Rescue Cold Asphalt Mix and Velocity Patching technology, roads are rarely closed and can be opened immediately.

When Is The Best Time To Use Cold Asphalt?

Cold Asphalt can be used any time and under any weather condition.

How Does It Work?

The combination of our highly-skilled teams and specialist repair vehicles means we can carry out up to 150 long-lasting pothole repairs per day. The process leaves a permanent, level repair that is quickly ready to be opened to traffic.

Can I Use Road Rescue Cold Asphalt Mix Individually?

Do I Need A Mixing Equipment?

What If I Need It For My Business?

How Many Bags Do I Need To Fix A Pot-hole?

Can I Partner With Road Rescue As A Distributor?

How Long Will The Repair Last For?

How Expensive Is The Technology?

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